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Social Experiment: Would you notice if your family member was homeless?

I was homeless once; it’s been years, but it’s something you don’t forget.  This video posted by Relevant Magazine touched me and raised questions. As a society, have we become blinded to others that are in need? Have we become so consumed with our own needs and desires that we can’t take a few minutes […]


WWKH magazine

Featured: Women With Know How Magazine

I am honored to be featured in this month's issue of Women With Know How magazine. You can read my featured Professional Spotlight interview on page 6 and my article 7 Life Questions to Effect Change in Your Life on page 38.   … [Read More...]

Unknown Man

Are You a Victim of Identity Theft?

As a child my identity was stolen. It was years before I began to realize that a) I wasn’t who I thought I was and b) my entire life was built upon deception.  Every choice and decision I made was based on the false information I had at the time. I thought … [Read More...]

You Are Being Prepared for Your Purpose Before You Realized It

God Prepares You for Your Purpose

Earlier this year I attended a conference in Atlanta.  During our lunch break, I sat in my car looking over all the materials we had received. I was so pumped up from this experience, that I decided to exercise radical faith, and asked God to send me $10,000 … [Read More...]