Run Your Race

Each of us has a course in life that we are to follow. The length of this course is different for all of us, yet each one has a starting line and a finish line. How we run this course or whether we stay on course is solely up to us. But, you have to run your race; otherwise you’ll never know how far you can go.

Don’t live a life filled with regrets or with unfulfilled promises. Run your race and live a life of purpose. Whatever your purpose may be, only you can fulfill it. It is different for everyone, so don’t compare your life to someone else’s and don’t compare your purpose to anyone else’s. You are uniquely you and only you can complete your race.

Enter your race with preparation and training. Prepare by evicting negative mindsets. You know the ones that tell you what you can’t do and why you shouldn’t do it. You kick F.E.A.R to the curb to overcome those excuses which have kept you stuck. Replace those thoughts with words of victory. I can do this! My race has already been won! You may have already had some practice runs. Those times you started out but couldn’t quite finish, it’s okay. Those times were just training, building up your endurance for the actual race.

As you move forward one step at a time. Keep your vision in front of you. See it often, live it in every detail of your mind. Don’t allow your thoughts to cause you to forget or to distract you. Don’t give up or quit!

You may not know when it will happen, just trust that it will happen, and it will!

Maintain a good attitude even when it seems the race isn’t going well or in your favor. Keep your goals in front of you. Keep running! Stay focused!

Run your race with focus and perseverance. See the finish line ahead of you. Don’t get distracted by those running beside you; if you turn to look, you’re likely to stumble or get off course. Sometimes you’ll pull ahead, and other times you’ll fall behind. Keep running! Feel the adrenaline (your passion), pumping through you, giving you that extra boost you need to jump those hurdles. At times, you will sprint with a burst of speed giving it everything you have. At other times, it’s like a cross country race. Mile after mile, over smooth and rough terrain but keep forging ahead you’ll eventually cross that finish line.

You’ll have fans on the sidelines. Some will cheer you on, some will want to join your race, and others will be there secretly hoping you fall. Your race is your race. Only you can run it!

If you finish your race, you’ve set the stage and cleared the way for someone else to enter their own race.

You are destined to leave your unique mark on someone’s life, your community, or even the world. You won’t know how your life can impact someone else’s until you enter the race.

Now, Run Forrest Run!…(I couldn’t resist) :-)

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