You Don’t Impress Me

You all are going to LOVE this (almost as much as I did). The other day, on the way home from work, I pulled up to a stop light and happened to look over to my left. To my amazement, and somewhat disgust, there sat a young gentleman, in his “souped up” ride, with the shiny rims and the tinted windows, rolled down just enough so I could see his designer sunglasses and fake tan. As he stared in my direction with one raised eyebrow and a flirty grin, the first thing I thought, as I rolled my eyes, was:

Dude, you don’t impress me.

Why do some of us feel it is so necessary to step it up a notch or two (or in this guy’s case, 20) to impress people we don’t even know? Why can’t we just be ourselves? What did this guy in the fancy car really think he was going to accomplish? Did he think I was going to be SO incredibly overwhelmed by his impressive demonstration that I would actually pull over to the side of the road and beg him for his number? If that was his objective, he failed miserably.

Don’t get me wrong. I understand the importance of a man shaving, putting on cologne and ironing his shirt before taking a lady out on a date, and I understand why a woman should not show up to a job interview (or anywhere else, for that matter) in curlers and a bathrobe. However, putting the obvious aside, why do some of us “dress to impress” just for an outing to the mall or a trip to the car dealership?

A girlfriend of mine once argued that she should always be “dolled up”, just in case she ran into Mr. Right. It’s an interesting theory. However, you all know me by now. I politely challenged this. What would she do if she ever did run into Mr. Right? Would she have to be “dolled up” the rest of her life just to keep things status quo? I asked her, “Wouldn’t it be better if he fell in love with the real you right from the start? This way, his jaw would hit the floor on the occasions when you actually do ‘doll up’. Otherwise, you’ve given up your ability to really impress him right from the start.” In my opinion, she had it all backwards. She disagreed. What do you think?

I can’t speak for anyone else, I can only speak for myself, and I will say this: I’d rather meet a man who is comfortable with being himself (no games, no tricks). I’m not concerned with the car he drives, how much weight he lifts at the gym or the thickness of his wallet. What I do care about is whether he is genuine, honest and sincere and that what he presents on day one is as true as what he presents on day 31 and day 101. I can only imagine that a man would feel the same way. Why lie or put on a show to impress someone, only to show your true colors in the end? That’s more of a turnoff than any kind of flaw you are trying to hide.

Just the same, if I am required to have the perfect hair and make-up, wear a cute little outfit with matching shoes and designer handbag, and my Mercedes must be fresh out of the carwash in order to get your attention, then you aren’t the kind of person I want to be with anyway. Walk on… You don’t impress me!

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