6 Steps to Living a Life of Purpose

“When you discover your gifts, you uncover your passion. When you uncover your passion, you find your purpose. When you find your purpose you fulfill your destiny.” Unknown

We only have one life to live; therefore we should make every effort to live it to the fullest. I believe we owe it to ourselves and to those that have gone before us, to make the best of the opportunities we’ve been given by creating a life worth living.

Are you really living life or are you just going through the motions?

To start living a life of purpose you must become an active participant. Life becomes mundane when you fall into routine schedules, behaviors and habits. Break out of your comfort zone.

Start challenging yourself by exploring different interests. Begin to find and start living your purpose. Living your purpose is expressing who you truly are and proving to yourself what you are capable of achieving. When you start to believe in yourself and cultivate a belief in something greater than you. The possibilities of what you can achieve are endless.

Accept responsibility for your future. See what other people don’t see and pursue that vision. In whatever you do be the very best that you can be. No matter what anyone else tells you. It’s great if you have the support of a spouse, family and friends. But if you don’t, stay encouraged during those challenging times by believing in yourself, and draw on the strength of something greater than you.

Do more than wish and hope for something to happen. You have to put action behind it. You can hope for a better life and wish that things would change. But until you actually make a decision, and take an intentional step toward what you want, nothing will actually change in your life.

Intentionally change your thoughts. What we focus on is what we draw into our lives. If you think you can’t do something, then you won’t.  With those types of thoughts you become stuck, afraid to move forward into your purpose. Focus on what you want for your life and take a step towards you goals each day.

Start visualizing your dream and what you want for your future. See it clearly and in detail. See yourself living it day-to-day in living color.

Be patient finding your purpose and living it may take some time. However, once you start pursuing it, you will literally change your life!


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